8.6.1 Update (July 23, 2022)

Request eSignature and share documents, additional options to save reconciliation, Banks included in COA, and more.


eSignature and Document Sharing

We now offer eSignature and document sharing from within CosmoLex when integrated with LexShare.  From within the documents area, you now have the option to Request Files, Share Files and Request Signature. 

Improved Reconciliation Screen 

We have made the following improvements to the Reconciliation screen:

  • Selected transactions will be retained when you switch between tabs on the screen.
  • If you leave the Reconciliation screen with selected transactions not yet cleared, you will get a warning with the following options:
    • Clear selected items, then exit (This will clear all the transactions selected in Deposit and Payment Tab and exit the reconciliation screen)
    • Exit without clearing selected items (You will exit the reconciliation screen without saving or clearing selections)
    • Return to reconciliation (Will close the message and you will remain on the reconciliation screen)

Learn how to Reconcile Your Bank Account


LEDES1998B eBilling format now includes Matter Invoice description field. This description can be added under Matter Advanced Settings > eBilling.  However, if the user enters an invoice description while creating an invoice, it will override the description at Matter Advanced Settings level.

Bank COA

Bank Chart of Accounts (COA) are now included in Chart of Accounts under Accounting but cannot be edited/deleted. They include:

  • COA# (Account number assigned to bank)
  • Account Name (Combination of Bank and Account)
  • Type (Bank)
  • Balance

LawPay Setup

When setting up your LawPay integration, users will now be able to use a mapping grid showing merchant account as a row and banks in a drop-down.


  • Emails forwarded from any email provider to CosmoLex will now display the time zone assigned in Setup > My Settings > User.
  • When printing an invoice using Invoice Template with merge table [#PriorInvoiceLog#], you can now change the font family and font size of the data (Date, Invoice#, Original Amount, Payment Applied, and Balance).
  • A void check assigned to a matter will show under the assigned matter owner class in the Profit & Loss by Matter Owner Class report for that month.
  • User with no documents permission can view Matter’s Summary page.
  • User will no longer receive an error when deleting expense card with document attached.
Updated on July 25, 2022

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