8.5.7 Update (July 16, 2022)

Export your audit trail, get a warning when issuing eCheck refund and more.


Audit Improvements

We have made a variety of improvements to make Recent Activities more usable for audit log purposes. You can now: 

  • View additional details provided per log with columns added for Date/Time, Activity (the icons have been changed to a more export friendly activity column), Item Type, Reference, Context Type, Context, and User. 

  • Use the filter to view the grids in all fields

  • Extract audit information in Excel, PDF, or CSV using the export functionality

    Learn how to Manage Recent Activities

eCheck/ACH Refund Warning

After accepting funds via integrated payments using eCheck/ACH, users attempting to issue a refund/credit memo within 10 days will now get a warning message.



If users exceed the character limit when adding a transaction from Bank Feed, they will get a specific error message – Characters entered exceed Payee Field limit of 128.

Updated on July 18, 2022

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