8.5.6 Update (July 9, 2022)

Increased workspaces in LexShare, ability to view Hard Cost expense and more.


View Hard Cost Expense

By selecting an invoice and clicking on the edit icon next to the hard cost, users now have the ability to

  • View Hard Cost expense in read only mode
  • View/manage documents attached to the Hard Cost expense

LexShare Workspaces

CosmoLex users selecting LexShare as their document storage application can now benefit from the Workspaces offered by LexShare. Each client will now have their own Workspace to store Matter folders and related documents.

Matter Advanced Billing Settings

For ease of entering information in the Billing Info area in Matter Advanced Settings, Customize Invoice Subject Line for this matter has been moved up. Users can now customize the message on the invoice subject line before they Calculate and Apply Finance Charges.


  • User can now calculate the total hours when downloading the detailed Timekeepers Time Report in Excel format.
  • The Total Billed hours will include Billable and No Charge hours in the Pre-Bill (Matter Billing Report).
  • The first and last name will now display correctly in the CosmoLexPay Wizard screen using invoice payment link.
Updated on July 8, 2022

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