8.4.1 Update (May 28, 2022)

New CosmoLexPay dashboard and even quicker approval!


New CosmoLexPay Dashboard

If you have a CosmoLexPay account or an active application, we suggest taking a look at the new dashboard located under Account > CosmoLexPay which provides visibility to application status/requirements, managing linked bank accounts, pricing summary, and shortcuts to CosmoLexPay transaction information.

Conditional Approval Available for CosmoLexPay

To assist in allowing firms to start accepting electronic payments in as soon as one business day, we have implemented Conditional Approval.

What does this mean? Instead of having to wait days for formal underwriting and approval of your application, conditional approval allows you to start accepting payments in as soon as one business day by requiring only the basic required information to start.


While conditional approval will permit you to start accepting payments, payouts will not be made to the firm until all steps have been completed and full approval is received. We recommend completing the remaining steps as soon as possible to prevent delays in receiving payouts.

You can view your application status, and any required documentation, in the CosmoLexPay dashboard located under Account > CosmolexPay. 

How to Setup Your CosmoLexPay Account


  • Unpaid, overdue invoices are now displaying for inactive matters when sending invoice reminders.

  • Resolved Input string was not in a correct format error when using the Create/Apply Account Mapping Profile when importing transactions.

  • Enable toggle for 2FA for MS Authenticator is responsive.

  • Matter Billing Log report shows disbursements when selecting All for disbursement and No charge from the fee section.

  • System will auto add any recipient added in client setup as an additional recipient when creating new matter for that client.

  • When completing a matter-to-matter or bank-to-bank transfer, the Complete Transfer button is disabled after one click to eliminate the risk of duplicate entries. 

  • You will now receive an error when importing trust transactions with 0.00 amount.
Updated on May 31, 2022

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