8.3.9 Update (May 21, 2022)

You can now make updates to taxable timecards or soft costs contained on unfinal invoices.


Edits to Billed Items 

Previously, edits were not allowed for billed items that were taxable. Now, users (with edit permission) can make updates to any timecard or soft cost contained on an unfinal invoice, through the Edit Invoice screen. Hard costs must still be removed from an invoice and unlinked to make edits. 

Saved edits to a billed item are retained even if the edit invoice screen is canceled. A new prompt has been added when canceling ‘Edit Invoice’ to clarify this behavior. 


  • User will not have to refresh CosmoLex Outlook add-in while going from one email to the other.
  • Effective rate in client invoice using [#TimekeeperSummaryTable2#] will indicate the correct decimal.
  • When uploading documents to CosmoLex using OneDrive/OneDrive for Business, user will no longer get an error.
  • When users export the Timekeepers Time Report in Excel, the hour column will display in numerals instead of text.
  • User will get an error message when deleting paid AP Bills in bulk.
  • Switching from one client to another while printing client statements and invoices will not disable the print button.
  • Calendar events export file in CSV will include all the selected events.
  • The Client Issued Matter ID field has been extended to 60 characters in all eBilling formats. 
  • When no calendar integration is turned on, the default calendar under “My Setting” will show “Select”.
Updated on May 25, 2022

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