8.3.7 Update (May 7, 2022)

More filter options in the Billed/Collected Tax Report, improved entry field for work phone# in Intake Form and more.


Billed/Collected Tax Report 

CosmoLex users now have the ability to exclude non-taxable fees and costs while printing the report and view the summary or details of the tax account in the Billed/Collected Tax report.  

Intake Form

To prevent errors while entering work phone numbers on the Intake Form, the entry field is limited to 20 characters.


  • Users will be able to upload documents to NetDocuments from CosmoLex without getting an error.
  • Users can now use the “Other ways to sign in” option on the Multi-Factor Authentication page.
  • When generating a LEDES 1998B e-Bill  for an invoice with discount for a Matter, users will see the correct amount in the discount line.
  • If the operating bank linked to the merchant account is not the default billing bank, it will not affect users ability to pay via the Client Portal.
Updated on May 8, 2022

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