8.3.6 Update (April 30, 2022)

Additional options for document storage, eBilling and matter numbering and much more.


LEDES 2000

CosmoLex now supports the industry-standard eBilling format known as LEDES 2000, in addition to LEDES 1998B, LEDES 2.0 and Litigation Advisor eBilling formats.

LexShare Integration 

CosmoLex now offers its US users integration with LexShare, a document storage, sharing, and eSign application. The integration supports adding, renaming, deleting, and downloading files and folders in CosmoLex.

Timekeepers Time Report 

CosmoLex users can now use the new checkbox to include Task codes which are assigned to time entry while printing the detailed Timekeepers Time Report. This will show the task codes for all matters. For eBilling enabled matters, it will also show the activity codes.

Invoice Email Subject

Users now have the ability to customize the subject line in the invoice email for each matter under the Matter’s Advanced Setting section. This will override the defaulted subject line provided under Invoice Settings.

Outlook Add-in 

Users can now use the Enter key for a quicker sign-in on the Outlook Add-in screen.

Matter Auto-Numbering 

You can now include the last 2 digits of the year when you customize auto-numbering for your matters from Setup > Firm Settings > Firm Preferences > Auto Numbering.


  • The template fields [#TrustBankBalanceTable#] & [#TotalTrustBalance#] will inherit the same font family assigned to the table in the Invoice template.
  • When logging into Outlook Add-In and using Two-Factor Authentication, the “Verify” button is only active after the code is accepted.
  • If an image file in the signature area in the invoice template is near the page break, it will show on the correct page.
  • When printing Operating Account checks, the Memo 2 line and COA applied to the transaction will show on the check stub.
  • When navigating to Accounting > Chart of Accounts, the balance for COA 2201 and 2202 will now display.
  • A message warning you that an Expense/Timecard is linked to an invoice will now show when you edit a billed Time or Expense Card.
  • If there are initial zeros in fields like IDs, they will display correctly when generating export.
  • Invoices for a non-taxable fixed fee and contingency matters will no longer show taxes.
  • Users with Timekeeper and Matter Owner Role Permissions have the ability to enable Calendar Integration.
  • Users can run the Payee Mapping Rules for Bank Feed or Imported Transactions without error.
Updated on May 9, 2022

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