8.3.4 Update (April 9, 2022)

Increased filters for generating Matter Billing Log report and more.


Matter Billing Log 

While generating the Matter Billing Log report, we have increased the list of filters to include No Charge in the “Include Fee Entries” and “Include Cost Entries” sections.

Global Fixes

  • Users can now generate Matter documents without significant delay.
  • Users creating new matter will not see the NetDocuments folder for an inactive matter associating with it.
  • If you use Prior year comparison filter, Profit and Loss Report will now include chart of accounts which do not have any balance for the selected date range but have balance in prior year.
  • For a matter with Out of State Tax Status enabled, the total tax amount will be calculated based on your checking/unchecking Discount is taxable box for the invoice with taxable Time/Expense cards, if discount is applied to the invoice.
  • When you add an AP bill and post it as a matter expense, the default timekeeper will populate automatically.
  • When adding a timecard for a non-eBilling matter, the task drop-down will sort in the correct numerical order. 
  • User can now apply Payee Mapping rules using Transaction Memo as required field.
  • User will be able to match transactions in Bank Feed or import transaction screen without getting an error message.
  • User will be able to create an Accounts Payable bill and post it as a matter expense without getting an error message.
  • User will be able to add Hard Cost and other transactions for Bank Feed.
Updated on April 8, 2022

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