8.3.3 Update (April 2, 2022)

Integrate CosmoLex with 4000+ apps using Zapier!


Integration with Zapier

To reduce effort and save time, CosmoLex users can now integrate with thousands of applications by connecting their CosmoLex account with Zapier, a web automation tool. When creating “Zaps” or connections, you can utilize provided triggers and actions to automate various workflows. Click here to learn about Zapier.

Below is the start of available triggers and actions. We will be growing this list with the help of our users. Please submit your suggestions here.

Expanded Memo Field 

The length of the Memo and Memo2 fields for transactions has been increased in the:

      • Add/Edit screen for Transaction 
      • Accounts Payable
      • Invoice Payment using Trust Retainer 
      • Import Transactions
      • Bank Feed Transactions

In the Memo field, you can now enter up to a 100 characters for Non-Check transaction types which will be truncated to 40 characters while printing Check. In the Memo2 field, you can enter up to 180 characters.

Microsoft Reauthentication 

CosmoLex is giving its users the ability to reauthenticate OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, and Office 365 Calendar within the application as Microsoft will decommission current API by November 2022.

  • To reauthenticate OneDrive or OneDrive for Business, go to Setup > Apps and click on reauthenticate.

  • To reauthenticate your Office 365 Calendar, go to Setup > My Settings > User. 


Since the integration works with the account linked with CosmoLex, be careful that you use the correct account.


  • While inactivating a bank, user will receive a prompt Unable to inactive the bank account. Please change default Operating bank account in Set up > Firm settings > Firm preferences.
  • You can now upload a QBO file with spaces between line subjects and content that was downloaded from bank.
  • When you add a Transaction Levy or Trust Admin Fee with payable mode as “Ignore” for Ontario/NL/Alberta province, it will now show on the manage screen for the matter.
  • Changing billing status for Time/Expense card from No-Charge/Non-Billable to Billable will enable the tax. 
  • User will now be able to copy a Matter where a special character is used in the name.
  • Expense card for Hard Cost expense will show correct value.
  • When a user edits AP bill, bank transaction, or credit card transaction to change amount, they will get the prompt Remaining amount is not equal to zero if there is a remaining amount on the Transaction Classes screen.
  • User will get reminders at the correct time from their Outlook calendar when the Daylight Saving time is changed.
  • When creating invoices in bulk using an existing invoice number, users will get the error message One or more invoice number in sequence already exists. Consider changing first Invoice number.
  • Split icon is now working when you add hard cost using the plus sign located in top right tool bar.
  • Users can view JPEG, GIF, and BMP files in Client Portal. 
Updated on April 1, 2022

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