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8.2.3 Update (February 12, 2022)

Improved eBilling functionality, new invoice template field, restricting global chat visibility and more.


eBilling Enhancements

With the enhancement in eBilling (LEDES 1998B, LEDES 2.0, Litigation Advisor) functionality, users now have the ability to:

  • Generate multiple eBills at a time regardless of format. 
  • When generating eBills, you can group by client, if needed.
  • For LEDES 1998B only:
    • You can configure the billing start date to First date of Invoice month (default) or Date of oldest time/expense card.
    • The eBill file will be grouped by Fees first and then Expenses in their respective date order.

 Matter Owner Initials

When adding a matter owner under Setup, the Initials field will pre-populate based on the Matter Owner name.

New Invoice Template Field  

You can now add the field [#TrustBankBalanceTable#] to your invoices that will display a breakdown of that Matter’s Trust balance by bank accounts and [#TotalTrustBalance#]. These balances will be as of the invoice print date.

Trust Bank Name

Balance (As of Invoice print date) 

TD Bank 2,500.00
Wells Fargo    500.00
Total 3,000.00

Global Chat Restriction 

Firm Administrator can now restrict user access to Global Chat for a non-admin user


  • “Related To” column is removed from the Matter’s Relations screen.
  • The width of the Index# column under notes has been adjusted. 


  • Refreshing the Client Portal browser will not redirect you to the Dashboard.
  • In order to prevent duplication, Document Matter Folder names which are the same are pended with a sequential number.
  • When clicking the document tab in Client Portal, user will be able to view/upload documents.
  • User will now be able to amend timecard information when the global timer is running on the CosmoLex mobile app on Android.
  • User will now be able to view Document folder within Client Matter without getting an error message.
  • You can now edit the Date and Signature area using MS Word file for Form9A.
  • User will be notified if uploading documents from client portal fails.
  • During Data Migration
    • Client Email Checkbox will be checked by default when importing Matter.
    • Enable eBilling checkbox will be checked when e-billing enabled matters are imported.
    • Export of matters will now show eBilling Law Firm Names correctly.
Updated on February 11, 2022

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