8.1.1 Update (January 22, 2022)

Enhanced features for our Canadian users, minor billing enhancements and more.


Transaction Levies and Trust Admin Fees

Form 9A 

To enable users to remain compliant with  Law Society of Ontario requirements, CosmoLex now offers the option to print Form 9A for any Trust withdrawal using electronic method (bank transfer, credit transfer, EFT/eCheck, and Wire transfer).

Additionally, Form 9A can now be printed in MS Word format. This allows users to make any needed edits. If looking to generate a form 9B or 9C, this feature enables users to make any needed changes.

Unit Price up to 5 Decimals 

You can now enter up to 5 decimal places for the unit price when customizing your expense list under Setup > List Items > Expense.

Alert Message for Bulk Invoice Payment Transaction 

After making a bulk invoice payment transaction, if users try to delete the invoice payment from the Matter Banking section, they will receive an alert message warning them that the action will delete the whole bulk invoice payment transaction. This will help prevent accidental deletion of bulk transactions.


  • User will be able to set up a new account even if the user’s email address is marked as CAP by Partner’s team.
  • If a client does not have an email address, user will no longer receive the error message “Email is missing” when saving a matter.
  • User will be able to filter custom fields by Field Type under Setup > Custom Fields.
  • The bulk Trust to General payment screen will display correct amount total based on selection per page.
Updated on January 28, 2022

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