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7.9.4 Update (December 11, 2021)

Flexible Excel report downloads, improved intake form filters, and several fixes feature in this update.


Excel Report

When downloading reports to excel, you have increased flexibility to manipulate data as needed.

Intake Form Filters

When creating a form under Activities > Intake Forms, you will now be able to filter templates by “Area of Law” and “Template Name”.


  • The “Select All” option is now included when a user pays Transaction Levy or Trust Admin Fee (TAF). 
  • When an email with large content is forwarded to CosmoLex, it will be formatted in the same way as the email source. 
  • General Ledger report will now display the column headers (date, ref #, payee, description, account, debit, credit and balance) on each page.
  • Recent Activities will now include invoices created in bulk.
  • Multiple Contact custom pages will now display in alphabetical order and not in the order in which they are created.
  • When doing a bank to bank transfer with check as a method, ref# will be associated with bank transactions.
  • User will be able to use 8000 COA when adding withdrawal in an operating bank account.
  • The Primary Email Address box under Matter Advanced Settings will be unchecked when importing the matter of a client without an email address.
  • Users can now print the Conflict Check Report when there are no results.
  • Users will be able to integrate with Box document storage application without receiving an error message.
  • Transaction date will now update when printing checks and selecting “Change Transaction Date to Today’s Date”.
Updated on December 10, 2021

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