7.9.3 Update (December 3, 2021)

Enhanced AR reports, matter exports, and ability to print multiple invoices. We also have a few fixes.


AR Balance Breakdown

A new check box “Include Balance Breakdown” is added to the Accounts Receivable report filters. When checked, unpaid balances will be broken down by fees, hard cost disbursements, soft costs, overhead, finance charges, late fees and taxes.


The Detailed report shows balance by Invoice and Summary report shows balance by Matter.

Matter Export

Matter folder name details (for document integration) are now included when exporting Matter list in CSV and Excel formats.

Multiple Invoices

When printing multiple invoices, the list of invoices from which to choose will now display up to 200 invoices per page. 


  • When running a conflict check, the screen will display the correct result count.
  • The default Chart Of Account assigned to a payee will not apply when completing a trust transaction.
  • If a user has selected “No” for “Transaction Method is required” under Setup > Firm Settings > Firm Preferences, user will no longer get a warning to select a transaction method when adding a transaction.
  • User will no longer be able to Add/Edit transaction in a Matter without appropriate permission.
  • Matter Summary page will now include Matter Owner name in General Information section.
  • User login id will no longer be stored unless user is created successfully using 2FA. When adding a new user, firm user will receive a message prompt to add cellphone number when 2FA is enabled using one-time passcode.
  • The Credit Card Bank reconciliation statement will show deposit slips created within the statement date.
  • The system will include firm’s email address for all invoice emails if the firm has enabled ‘Copy Invoice Email to Firm’s Email Address’ under Invoice Email Settings.
Updated on March 4, 2022

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