7.9.2 Update (November 20, 2021)

Enhanced invoice memo for bulk invoicing, document settings, invoice template code, and firm settings to display bank name and account name. There are also a few fixes this weekend.


Invoice Memo for Bulk Invoicing

User can now add an Invoice Memo in the description field while creating invoices in bulk under Activities. This will display on all client invoices that you generate in that batch.

Data Center Region Setup

In compliance with the data localization laws, a user is now required to select the Data Localization Region where the firm data will be stored and provide acknowledgement. For those choosing Canada, Canada specific accounting rules will automatically apply and can’t be disabled.

Document Settings

We have made the following improvements to the Matter Folder section within Activities > Documents:

    • The Matter folder section width can be resized.
    • The width of the individual columns can be resized.
    • The Matter Name header is now renamed Client-Matter.
    • “Active Matters Only” filter has been added.

Invoice Template Field

The invoice template field for [#Retainer Balance#] will now display an amount of $0.00 if there is no balance in the client funds operating or trust retainer. 

Firm Settings

When selecting the default bank for your firm, now Account name will display along with Bank name. If a firm has multiple accounts with a Bank, user now has the ability to identify the correct bank and the account name.


  • User can now apply partial payment to AP bill if a class is assigned to the AP bill. User can also use partial credit for AP bills if AP credit has tax added and class assigned.
  • The balance column for the Long Term Liability COA type will display the correct amount.
  • When a firm has more than one trust account mapped to CosmoLexPay, the online Trust Retainer payments will be deposited to the correct Trust Bank Account . 
Updated on November 22, 2021

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