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7.9.1 Update (November 13, 2021)

Enhanced Billing Contacts, General Information Dashboard, increased number of characters for Client Issued Matter ID (LEDES 1998B), static headers on Litigation Advisor eBilling along with a number of fixes.


Billing Contact Enhancements

We made a couple of improvements to the invoice settings area located under Add/Edit matter > Advanced Settings > Billing Info tab, to allow for easier assignment of a matter’s billing contact.

Invoice Mailing Address

‘Invoice Address Setup has been renamed ‘Invoice Mailing Address’ Just as before you can choose the client, or an alternate contact. This is the address that will display on the invoice template. 

Invoice Email Recipients

We have made the following changes to allow for more flexible email party selection

  •  You can deselect the client if you do not wish for the invoice to be emailed to the client. This can be helpful for those with clients who are not the direct billing party (e.g. large corporations).
  • If you choose an alternate contact for the invoice mailing address, by checking ‘invoice mailing address contact’ their email address can be auto-added to the email list. 
  • You can now freely type an unlimited number of email addresses under ‘additional recipients’. Just type in the email address and click add/hit enter for them to be added to the list.
  • This billing contact information has now also been added to the Matter Details > Summary dashboard under ‘Billing Contact’.

  • When emailing your invoices, you can verify who will be receiving an invoice by clicking on the envelope icon.

Updated General Info Dashboard

Under Matter Details > Summary there is a column that includes general matter information. The following improvements have been made:

  • Information has been organized into three sections:
    • Client Info: Client Display Name, Client Name, Client Email address, Client Primary Address
    • General Info: Matter File #, area of law, billing method, default trust bank, eBilling status, fee allocation status, client portal status, matter folder name (for document integration)
    • Billing Contact: Invoice mailing contact, invoice email recipients
  • Each section is collapsible for easy viewing. Your selection will be remembered while in the same browsing session. 
  • All email addresses and phone numbers listed are hyperlinked and will launch your default email or phone application when clicked. 
  • If an item can be edited (e.g.client contact info) an orange pencil icon will display to the right when hovering over that field

Client Issued Matter ID

For LEDES 1998B e-billing format, users can now enter up to 50 characters in the Client Issued Matter ID field.

Country Code

  • In compliance with the efile1 website requirements, the Payer’s country code is changed to US on 1099 Payee Ledger detail report when downloading in excel.

Litigation Advisor

  • Litigation Advisor eBill will now have a static header for Fees and Expenses even though the invoice may not have either fees or expenses. 


  • User will no longer receive an error message when applying Credit to AP bill linked to matter expense. 
  • When creating a new matter or selecting an existing matter, the “View Matter Parties Allocation” drop-down will only display active timekeepers.
  • Client Portal status will display “Deactivated” when you disable Client Portal access.
  • User will now be able to view the document folder screen when sorting Document folders by matter name under Activities. 
  • User will no longer receive an error when forwarding emails to CosmoLex forwarding email address.
  • User will be able to run the Client List Report for All Matters without receiving an error.
  • Transactions coming through bank feed will auto-match existing transactions if date and amount matches.
  • Downloading AR Summary report with “This Year” date range will display invoices in correct aging group.
  • User cannot apply over 100% discount when generating or editing invoices.
  • On successfully loading the Matter Parties Allocation data using Import functionality, “Enable Fee Allocation For This Matter” checkbox will now get checked.
  • User will no longer get an error message when importing Matter Party allocation for Party type “Work Attorney”.
Updated on March 4, 2022

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