7.7.12 Update (October 9, 2021)

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This weekend’s update brings a number of enhancements and fixes.


  • Current limit for print client statement and invoice is increased to 100 from 50.
  • Void invoice feature is no longer supported. We recommend using the Change/Write-off feature.


  • On the Chart of Account (COA) screen, the 2200 Taxes Paid/Collected account matches the account balance for that GL account on the GL Report, Trial Balance or Balance Sheet.
  • There will be no error message when printing e-Bills for LEDES 2.0 if there are no time entries linked to the invoice.
  • The layout for the Profit & Loss, Trial Balance, and Balance Sheet reports has been improved to reduce the space between the descriptions and their balances.
  • The filters in the drop-down on Billing and Collection by Matter Party reports have been modified to be more accurate.
  • When applying a matter to matter trust transfer, the Reference Number is limited to 20 characters.
  • When adding a new user and copying a custom role from an existing user, Admin user can control the Restricting Bank Visibility setting.
  • When using the import trust balance data feature, if the associated matter doesn’t have a default Trust Bank, the following error message will appear: Matter does not have a default Trust Bank associated
  • The shorthand feature can now be used when inserting text in the middle of a sentence. 
  • Improved the performance for printing trust checks for a matter.
  • You can now browse invoices for all imported matters. 
Updated on November 24, 2021

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