7.6.1 Update (July 3, 2021)

This past weekend’s update brought three enhancements and several fixes.


New ‘Integrated Payment’ Option

When applying an invoice payment, you will see our ‘Credit Card’ option has now changed to ‘Integrated Payments’.  This is to account for various electronic payment options. A payment processing integration (CosmoLexPay or LawPay) is needed to use this method.

If integrated with a payment processing app, when entering a deposit for a bank account linked to a merchant account, you will see a new ‘Integrated Payment’ checkbox. If you wish to charge your client through your payment integration, check this box. Type and Method no longer need to be selected. When you proceed, the payment options available with your payment integration will be displayed. 

ACH/eCheck Processing


This feature is only available with CosmoLexPay

CosmoLexPay now offers law firms the advantage of integrated ACH/eCheck transactions for receiving payments for invoices, retainers, and trust deposits! Once your firm enrolls in CosmoLexPay,  your clients will have the option to pay by credit card or ACH/eCheck. Having electronic payment options will make it even easier to receive payment from your clients. 

Just as with credit cards, you can receive invoice payments, retainers and trust deposits by ACH/echeck in-office or online through an invoice link or by sharing in our secure client portal. 

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Save Payment Method Information


This feature is only available with CosmoLexPay

To reduce payment friction even further, firms and client portal users can now securely save and reuse payment methods for both credit cards and ACH/eCheck methods!

Unlinking Invoice Payments

We’ve now added a shortcut to quickly unlink invoice payments.

Select an Invoice > Action > Unlink Payments.

Upon doing this, the invoice will be moved to the UnPaid bucket, and the funds associated with the payment will go to the operating retainer for that matter.


  • User will receive a single email notification when the firm’s client downloads an invoice that has been emailed to them via link.
  • Users can now populate the merge field [#MatterPONumber#] into email templates.
  • The Pre-bill report will now show an additional summary section with total hold amount, total unbilled amount (billable), and total unbilled amount (non-billable).
  • Users can properly view and download all reports.
  • Matters can be searched and filtered by secondary Trust banks by using the Trust Bank filter on the matter landing page.
  • Journal Entries can be exported properly from the system.
  • Shorthand can be used with custom fields with the type Text Area Box.
Updated on March 4, 2022

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