7.5.4 Update (June 27, 2021)

This past weekend’s update brought an enhancement and several fixes.


Reporting Queue

The Reporting Queue feature now allows you to generate reports in the background without interfering with your workflow within CosmoLex. This is especially helpful for reports that contain large amounts of data. This type of functionality is also known as asynchronous reporting as you are able to generate reports in the background as you continue to work, or even sign out of the program.

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Previous to the Reporting Queue feature, if you were to view or download a report, you would need to wait for the report to load, and could not navigate away from the screen. For some reports this wait could be a few seconds, for others with large data sets it could take minutes or possibly time out if taking too long.

Now, when you select to view or download a report, a new tab will open in your web browser letting you know the report is generating.

After reports are completed, there are two ways to access them:

  1. Return to the assigned report tab. Each browser tab will be titled with the report name.
    • If you had chosen to view, you should now see the report viewer for you to scroll or zoom in as you normally would. There is also a button to download to pdf if you would like to. 
    • If you had chosen to download only, you will see a status message and if downloaded successfully can check your downloads folder for the report.
  2. You can also visit the job list at the top of the application window to see reports recently generated by this user. Note that this list can include other system jobs as well, such as invoice print and email. 
    • On this list, you can see various details such as the type of job and report name, date and time it started and completed and current status. If the job was successful, you can click the link to download the report straight from there. Reports will be available on this list for 14 days after generating.

Benefits of the Reporting Queue include:

  • You can continue to work or sign out as reports are generating
  • Quickly queue one report after another
  • No risk of timeout when generating large reports
  • Keep as many report viewers open as you would like
  • View status of reports in the job list
  • You can easily re-download a report from the job list for 14 days


The reporting queue also applies to any reports located throughout the system. Examples include the Matter Billing Log, Matter Cost Statement, and Conflict Check, as well as any grid exports. Many of our users utilize our export utility as a reporting function, no matter if exporting to pdf, excel or csv, a separate tab will open for you so that you do not have to wait for that download to complete.


  • Users are able to write off the full remaining balance of a partially paid invoice that has tax applied.
  • Users can generate and edit invoices without any delay.
  • Tax is not be applied to a hard cost if it has been added through the bank feed or transaction import, and “Disbursement incurred as agent” has been checked off.
  • Conflict check report exports properly.
  • Users are able to rearrange custom pages within a matter.
  • When user attempts to edit a billed expense from a Time/Expense tab, a message will populate stating “Expense card is linked to an invoice. Consider detaching or editing expense card from its Invoice by editing the Invoice”.
  • Users can apply invoice payment from the operating retainer properly.
Updated on March 4, 2022

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