7.2.14 Update (February 14, 2021)

This past weekend brought a permissions related enhancement.


New Restrict Bank List Visibility Permission

Bank visibility permissions are located under Account > User > Edit User

Our Restrict Bank Visibility option allows you to restrict or permit bank accounts that can be accessed by this particular user. When restricting a bank here, it also blocked it from being selected during any bank-related action on the matter level. 

To allow some flexibility for bank-related matter activities, we have added an additional Restrict Bank List Visibility permission. This allows an admin user to control which bank accounts display in the dropdown lists for this user when completing bank-related matter activities such as:

  • Matter setup
  • Hard costs
  • Trust transactions
  • Invoice payments
  • Accounts payable (both firm and matter related)

This also means that the Restrict Bank Visibility setting now only relates to what is visible in the Accounting & Reporting Sections.

Use the right and left arrows to move banks from Restricted to Allowed, or vice versa. 

restrict-bank-list visibility

A bank allowed under the Restrict Bank Visibility section will automatically be allowed in the Restrict Bank List Visibility section. However, you can restrict a bank under the Restrict Bank Visibility section, but allow on the Restrict Bank List Visibility section


For those with Bank Visibility restrictions already in place, the List restriction will default to those already restricted/allowed. You can edit these selections under Account > User > Edit User

For additional information, see Manage Your Users.

Updated on February 15, 2021

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