7.0.2 Update (August 30, 2020)

We implemented new features and enhancements over the weekend. 

New Features/Enhancements

Invoice Delivery Option Settings

In release 6.9.0, for invoice delivery, we replaced pdf attachments with downloadable links. While delivering as a link has many added benefits such as the ability to revoke an invoice, receive read receipts and control link expiration, we heard your feedback in regards to providing the option to continue sending as pdf attachments. 

With this release, we have provided an additional firm-level setting to designate how invoices will be sent. To view/change this setting, navigate to Setup > Firm Setting > Invoice Setting and under the Delivery Options section, click the radio button for a downloadable link or email attachment. For new firms, this setting will default to the downloadable link option.


Please be sure to read the full explanation and tooltips before making your selection

Time & Expense Card Exports

When exporting Time/Expense grid from the Activities area, Sales and Service Tax rate 1 and Tax rate 2 are now included in the CSV and Excel formats.

Client & Contact Imports

We have enhanced the Client and Contact import functionality to not require ContactID when the Contact Type does not equal Client. 

New Check Format

Added a new check format (Voucher Format 6) to be compatible with Check style HS9209 from 


  • Corrected behavior for the matter emails tab to refresh for the selected matter
  • Corrected a discrepancy in the total amount paid on Timekeeper’s Time Report
  • Fixed discount amounts on an invoice can no longer exceed the amount of fee on the invoice. Tax totals will adjust accordingly.
Updated on December 9, 2020

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