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6.1.6 Released! (November 1, 2019)

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Release Date: Monday, November 1, 2019

This document includes items release in version 6.1.5 and 6.1.6


Increased Limit on Un-tagged Emails

Previously, for data management reasons, when your CosmoLex account reached 1,000 un-tagged emails, no new emails would be accepted into your account. We have increased this allowance to 5,000 un-tagged emails


New setting for check printing

Previously, our ‘Print Full State/Province Name” setting under Setup > Firm Settings > Invoice Settings. applied to both invoices and checks.

We have now added a dedicated setting for checks under Setup > Firm Preference  > Check Settings as well as  Setup > My Settings > My preferences.


Updated on December 2, 2019

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