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Release Date: Tuesday, October 3, 2019

We are very excited to announce our 6.1.4 release!

New Features

Form 9A Added (Ontario, CA)


This report is only available for Canadian Firms with their region set to Ontario

A Trust to General transfer typically happens when invoices are paid from existing trust funds. In Ontario, every “electronic” Trust to General transfer requires a Form 9A to be completed. Previously, Ontario firms needed to keep track of these electronic transfers manually and complete a Form 9A on their own to remain compliant. 

With this release, law firms can now generate completely pre-populated Form 9A with a click of a button, then date and sign to complete the document.

To print a Form 9A:

  • In any transaction screen, select a trust transaction which was part of a trust to general transfer (Invoice payment from trust)
  • Select action > Print Form 9A


Additional Bank Account Fields

‘Branch Name’ and ‘Branch Address’ fields have been added to the Add/Edit Bank screen in CosmoLex. These were added primarily for Form 9A printing but are available in all CosmoLex accounts

Searching for Empty Custom Fields

Matter search now allows the user to filter by ‘Empty’ Custom Fields. This will facilitate search scenarios like ‘Search all the matters where Custom Field ‘Referral is Empty’

Updated on December 10, 2019

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