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6.1.1 Released! (September 9, 2019)

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Release Date: Monday, September 9, 2019

We are very excited to announce our 6.1.1 release!


User Assignments for Task Workflows

To further simplify our task workflow feature, you can now assign other users to each individual task upon workflow template creation. This will allow a simple one-click process when associating a workflow to a matter.

Relaxed Email Restriction

We have relaxed the viewing restrictions on Emails once they are tagged to matter. Once an email is tagged to a matter, it can be viewed by all the users who have the view access to that given matter.

Operating Retainer Options Added

For those who do not wish to allow operating retainers or invoice overpayments, we have added some additional related settings.

Under Setup >Firm Settings >Firm Preferences

The ’Allow Operating Retainer’ setting now has 3 options:

No – Users cannot receive an operating retainer transaction or receive an overpayment on an invoice
No (but allowed post warning)– Users cannot receive an operating retainer transaction. Invoice overpayments will produce a warning, and if confirmed, will allow the overpayment to go into operating retainer balance
Yes – Users can receive an operating retainer transaction and invoice overpayments will produce a warning but once confirmed, will allow overpayments to go into operating retainer balance

Cash/Accrual Report Filter

Main accounting reports now have an option to toggle between cash or accrual mode, irrespective of which reporting format you choose under Accounting Settings

Minor Enhancements

Expandable Text Boxes

To avoid scrolling when reading large amounts of text in description and note fields, these text windows can now be stretched vertically to display the full entry. 


Email Filtering Enhancement

Under Activities > Emails, to improve filtering options, we have now moved the user selection to the search filter on the right 


Multi-Invite Selection for Events

While we always allowed multiple people to be added as invites on an event, you can now select multiple people in one step. 


Updated on October 28, 2019

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