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6.1.0 Released! (August 28, 2019)

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Release Date: Wednesday, August 28, 2019

We are very excited to announce our 6.1.0 release!

New Features

Document Attachments  

In the past, the only way to store documents related to matter expenses, etc was to go within the document section of a particular matter, add a designated folder and upload the file there.  There was no way to establish a relationship between an uploaded document and an item like an entered expense…until now!

With this new release we have now added the ability to attach a document to the following screens:

  • Time
  • Soft Cost Expense
  • Hard Cost Expense
  • Individual Invoice
  • 3rd Party Bills
  • Matter-linked Accounts Payable 

In each of these screens, at the very bottom, you are provided a section to add any related documents

When a document is added here, the application automatically creates a related folder within the matters ‘Internal Documents’ (ex: @Expense), creates a subfolder with the items index number, (ex: Index-1236) and stores any attached documents there. 

Just as with other documents, these will be stored within your default document app (CosmoLex, Dropbox, OneDrive, etc)


  • Defining Email Rules by User – Each user can define their own rules for email filtering (not just admins!). They can also add, update or delete their own rules, but not those of another user. For existing accounts, all users will start with a copy of the pre-existing set of rules. To learn more about setting up email rules, click here
  • Exporting Email Information – The grid content located in the email sections under activities and matter details can now be exported to pdf, csv or excel formats.
  • Default Memo for Trust to General Payments – When an invoice is paid from trust funds, the system will now automatically add a default memo of  ‘Trust to General Payment for Invoice#’
  • Cost Recovery Import Improvements
    • The data preview step now includes a ‘Date’ column
    • Once the import is complete, the system now displays a prompt to remind the user to delete the imported data file from their computer to avoid duplicate imports
  • General Receipt Journal (Canadian version) –  Memo column has been added
  • Data Migration Improvements – Added support for the following new imports to further enhance our data migration capabilities: Uncleared Trust Transactions, Operating Retainer Transactions
Updated on October 28, 2019

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