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6.0.0 Released! (July 21, 2019)

Release Date: Sunday, July 21, 2019

We are very excited to announce our 6.0.0 release!

New Features

NetDocuments Integration

The NetDocuments integration is now available in CosmoLex. Firms using NetDocuments to securely store documents can enable the integration to manage documents from CosmoLex. The integration in CosmoLex can be managed under Setup –>App section. 

Our integration with NetDocuments will enable a more effective and efficient way for firms to run their practice by offering:

  • Convenient One-click Navigation from CosmoLex Matter View to NetDocuments Workspace. Users can navigate to corresponding Matter Workspace in NetDocuments by clicking on a new Toolbar item ‘Go To ND Workspace’ in the Documents section.

  • Full support for associating Cabinet profile attributes of type Text, List, or Number when uploading a document from CosmoLex. The upload document screen has been modified to show all of the configured available profile attributes for the given Cabinet.

  • ‘Open in NetDocuments’ allows users to view documents directly in NetDocuments. This opens up a new tab in the browser and if there is an active session of NetDocument open, the user will be able to view the document.
  • Apart from Folders and File, CosmoLex also allows users to view Filters, Saved searches, and other NetDocuments containers.


Positive Pay

The Positive Pay feature in CosmoLex is enhanced to let the user define the output format of a Positive Pay file. File format can be customized for each bank defined in CosmoLex to provide maximum flexibility.

The following items can be configured to customize the Positive Pay output format:

  • Date Format – Up to 7 different Date formats are supported like MM/DD/YYYY, DDMMYYYY, etc.
  • Check Label – Up to 4 characters to define the transaction type ‘Check.’
  • Void Label – Up to 4 characters to define the transaction type ‘Void.’
  • Delimiter – Delimiter character to use in the file format.
  • Payee Length – Maximum number of characters to be used when outputting the payee’s name in the file.
  • Field Mapping – Fields to be used and the order in which they will appear in the file. The first field would be the first entry in the file, etc.

Further, CosmoLex now remembers the Positive Pay file generation Date/Time on associated transactions and will only export items that are not exported previously to output clean data each time. In addition to that, the Positive Pay file generation also provides three new options as shown below:

  • Include Void – Use this option to include/exclude void transactions. By default, this option is selected.
  • Include Previously Exported – When this option is selected, transactions will be included even if they are exported previously. This can be useful in case of regenerating export for verification purpose.
  • Update Previously Exported Date – This option will only be available if the above option is selected. This option must be used carefully, as selecting this would override the Positive Pay export date/time if it’s associated with the transactions. This has been provided to override the export timestamp if needed.

Also, a new filter has been added in Transactions called Positive Pay Export, to filter transactions based on the export date.

Updated on October 28, 2019

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