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5.9.0 Released! (February 21st, 2019)

Release Date: Thursday, Feb. 21st, 2019

We are very excited to announce our 5.9.0 release!

New Features

Big new features you can enjoy right now!

Invoice Finance Charge Calculation

Matters can now be configured to let the system calculate Finance Charge on Invoices (if applicable). This can be enabled by selecting a newly added option called ‘Calculate & Apply Finance Charges’’ under Advanced Settings=>Billing Info=>Options in the Edit Matter screen. Firms can configure Finance Charge parameters on a global level under Setup=>Financial=>Finance Charge Settings. If configured, these settings will be used as the default for all new matters.Calculation parameters can be overridden for a given matter, if required, during the matter creation process. Once Finance Charge is enabled on a Matter, the new invoice creation process will automatically calculate the finance charge on the invoice. To keep things more flexible, the user can manually override the calculated finance charge if required by clicking the lock icon. 

Invoice Email To Multiple Recipients

Each Matter can be configured to select up to 5 recipients when sending invoice emails. The following are 5 target recipients which can be configured:

  • Client Primary Email Address (always required and is default)
  • Firm’s Email Address (configured under Setup=>Firm Settings=>Firm Information)
  • One additional Client Party other than the Primary
  • One additional recipient (raw email address)
  • One additional Contact Primary Email Address

A copy to the Firm Email Address can be configured under Setup=>Firm Settings=>Invoice Settings=>Invoice Email Settings. This is a global flag and is NOT controlled on a per matter basis. Additional Client Party and additional raw email address can also be set under Contacts=>Client=>Edit=>Setup. These settings are then used as a default when creating matters.

Invoice History and Drill Down

Before this release, there was no direct way of knowing if an email has been sent for a given invoice. The system now keeps track of all the emails sent for a given invoice, either being an invoice reminder or an invoice email. Once email for a given invoice is sent, the user will see a mail icon in the invoice grid for quick identification. The invoice pop-up has been reorganized to show two tabs:

  • ‘Details’ tab shows Allocations, Applied Payment and existing information
  • ‘Email History’ tab shows related reminder and invoice emails sent for a given invoice. The user can click on the email detail to view the corresponding email and view/download the attachment

Client/Contact Setup

A new tab as been added in the Contacts/Client screen called ‘Setup’. Default matter settings can be supplied here which will be used when creating new matters for the respective clients. In this release, one can configure Invoice Printing Billing Address and Email Preferences. We will be bringing more matter specific settings to the client level in future releases.


Minor enhancements and fixes that make for a better every-day experience.

• New Custom Field ‘Link’ has been added. This will allow users to define external links to be stored within Matter or Contacts.

• Ability to define custom labels for Contact Party Type. For example, you may want to see ‘Boston Office’ rather than showing ‘Primary’ party for a given client. Once set this will be shown as the corresponding labels in the application. This is available next to the ‘Party Type’ dropdown in the Contacts/Client screen.

• The user can now select a particular Client Party to use to print address information for invoice printing. This can be configured under Matters. A quick preview of the address will also be shown to confirm the address validity. 

• Client Portal Matter selection dropdown now allows the user to type-in the matter name to locate the matter quickly. This enhances the usability in case a large number of matters need to be managed for a given client.

• A new search filter Memo 2 has been added for Transactions. 

Updated on February 22, 2019

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