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5.8.0 Released! (December 24th, 2018)

Release Date: Monday Dec 24th 2018

We are very excited to announce our 5.8.0 release! This release focuses on transaction levies, a highly anticipated feature for our Canadian customers. 

We’ve also added some enhancements for all of our customers – like the ability to add a new client while copying matters, new search filters, and other helpful tools. Read on to learn more!

New Features

Big new features you can enjoy right now!

Canada: Transaction Levy / Trust Administration Fee

Full support for capturing and paying Transaction Levy for Ontario and Newfoundland and Labrador; and Trust Admin Fee for British Columbia

Using this new feature is simple!

  1. Set up Transaction Levy in your Canadian regional settings, under the Setup tab
  2. Mark matters where Transaction Levy is applicable and pay at the end of the month or quarter, based on your schedule.
  3. Track your Levy or Fee as billable to the client or as a firm expense. 
  4. Keep track of levies or fees that have already been paid or are exempt, for accurate reporting.
  5. Use our new filters to search for and find matters by Levy / Fee status, type, and amount.
  6. Generate reports to get a clear picture of when you have recorded and paid your levies and fees.

See the updated Transaction Levy article in our knowledge base to learn more! 


Minor enhancements and fixes that make for a better every-day experience.

  • Add Trust Transactions – You can now add trust transactions from Accounting > Bank. This makes it easier to add multiple trust transactions for a particular bank. Prior to this update, trust transactions were only created through the Matter tab, and Matter Details screens. 
  • Add New Client – New clients can now be added while copying a matter. With a new ‘Add/Edit Client’ button, the user can either create new or edit an existing client right from the copy screen. No more going back to the contact screen to create a new client! 
  • Fixed Fee Billing Reconciliation Report – A new filter has been added to exclude those matters for which the fixed fee has been fully billed 
  • Box Document Integration – Our integration with Box, now supports opening and viewing documents with a single click, directly in the Box viewer. If you have turned on Box integration, you will see a new column in the document grid with a link to launch the viewer!
  • Activity > Time/Expense Screen – A new default filter has been added to this screen to automatically show active matters, that are billable. This feature was requested by many clients, and will make this screen easier to understand at first view. 

Data Import Enhancements

Enhancements made to our data import functionality

  • AR Import – this import now supports the ability to specify a Timekeeper for each entry. This will allow users to import the related timekeepers when migrating their data. If no timekeeper is specified, the default timekeeper will be used.
Updated on October 28, 2019

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