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5.6.4 Patch Released (September 17th, 2018)

Release Date: Monday, Sep 17th, 2018


Minor Enhancements and fixes that make for a better every-day experience.

  • Advanced Search (Chart of Account Register) – A new filter has been added to the Chart of Account Register. You can now filter allocations by Classes

Learn how to use the Account Register

  • Soft Cost Grouping – When grouping your soft costs, the printed invoice now shows Quantity and Rate if the rate of the grouped expenses is the same.

Read about our latest improvements to Soft Cost Grouping

Bug Fixes

Fixes to existing features

  • Global Timer and Timesheet showed date when time was previously entered, instead of new date on each day. This has been fixed!

Other Enhancements (5.6.3)

Minor unannounced Enhancements and Fixes from previous patch releases

  • Improvements to Accounts Receivable Report
    • The Date Range parameter has been renamed as “Invoice Date Range”
    • The new “Invoice Date Range” field has a new filter – “Till Date.” This is now the default filter for this report
    • The “Amount” column on this report has been renamed to “Balance”
  • Trust Ledger Balance Report
    • A new filter named “Active Matter” has been added to this report. This allows you to remove inactive matters.
Updated on October 28, 2019

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