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5.6.1 Patch Released (August 21st, 2018)

Release Date: Tuesday, August 21st, 2018

New Features

Big new features you can enjoy right now!

Class-Based Reporting

We’re excited to share the new Class-Based Reports! This has been a much awaited feature since we released the ability to categorize your records by class. A new section called ‘Class-Based Reporting’ has been added under Reports, which contains the following three reports:

  • P&L By Matter Owner Class
  • P&L By Practice Area Class
  • P&L By Matter Class

Learn more about class based reports.


Minor Enhancements and fixes that make for a better every-day experience.

  • Expense Grouping
    • Grouping Expenses has become a little easier. Now, a new option to group similar charges for invoice printing has been added under List Items > Expense. This provides extra flexibility to mark only certain expense items to be able to be grouped during invoice printing. Now, at the point of generating an invoice, checking the box to group soft costs for invoice printing will group expenses only if it is turned ON at this level.

To turn expense grouping on or off for an expense, go to Setup > List Items > Expenses. Then, select an expense and click  Edit.

Next, check the box for “Group similar charges for invoice printing” to turn it on, or un-check it to turn it off. 

  • Responsiveness
    • The top bar of the CosmoLex application has been re-worked to make it more responsive for lower resolution modes (i.e. smaller browser windows). No more icon overlapping when zoomed in!
Updated on October 28, 2019

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