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5.6.0 Released! (August 13th, 2018)

Release Date: Monday, August 13th, 2018

Another big release has hit the CosmoLex offices! 5.6.0 brings new features and enhancements designed to improve our users’ daily experience. We’ve expanded document assembly, completed The Conveyancer® Data Import tool, and added a few small enhancements that will have a big impact. Take a look to see what’s new!

New Features

Big new features you can enjoy right now!

The Conveyancer® Import (Canada)

Our Canadian customers can now take advantage of end-to-end Conveyancer® Data Import/Export tools. Phase 2 is now completed, making the process to import your expenses seamless. Learn more about How to Integrate CosmoLex with The Conveyancer®

Expense List Items

Our default expense list has been completely revamped to provide more useful options for expenses. While our default expense items are customizable, we strive to provide you the best out-of-the box experience possible. This will be available automatically for new CosmoLex Accounts! 

Already have an account? No worries, below is the new Expense List for your reference. If you see anything you’d like to add to your current list, simply follow these steps:

1. Click on the Setup Tab

2. Click List Items

3. Under the Expenses Tab, click Add 

That’s it! Add any new expense items you’d like to have as a default.

See New Expense List

Expense Item Code Description
Agency Fee af  
Bank Charges bc  
Certified Cheque Fee ccf  
Conveyance Fees con  
Courier Fee cr Courier Fee/Lawyer’s Service
Client Disbursements Other dib  
Discharge Mortgage dm  
Document Registration(s) dre  
Estoppel Certificate ec Condominium EC
Facsimile fax  
Filing Fees ff  
File Storage Fees fsf  
Land Titles Taxes lan  
Print/Reproduction pr Printing/Photocopies
Postage ps  
Real Estate Commission rec  
Regsitration Fees rf Regsitration Fees/Survivorship/Deed/Disharge
Search Fees Other sfe  
Sheriff’s Fee she  
Software Fee sof  
Sub Searches sus  
Survey sur  
Telephone tel  
Title Insurance ti  
Tax Certificate/Verbals tx  
Wire Fee wf  
Auto Expense aut  
Binder bin Corporate Law for Minute Book
Bookkeeping Expense bke  
Credit Card Expense cce  
Casual Labour cla  
Court Costs crt  
Computer Repairs & Maint crm  
Discovery dic Fee to Order Discovery
Doctors/Medical Reports dmr  
Expert Fees ef  
Execution Searches es  
Estate Bond esb  
Litigation Support Vendors lit  
Meals mea  
Medical Report med  
Memberships mem  
Returned Check Charge nsf  
Office Expense ofx  
Online Research onr  
Private Investigators pin  
Police Reports pol  
Parking prk  
Promotion pro  
Recording Fees ref  
Rent ren  
Salaries/Wages sal  
Subscriptions sub  
Transcripts tra  
Deposition Transcripts trn  
Travel Gas & Mileage trv  
Witness Fee wit  

Document Assembly: Transaction and Invoice Documents

Meet the new members in the Document Assembly Family: Transaction and Invoice documents! This is the next step in our big plans for our Document Assembly features. 

What can you do with Transaction Documents? Think receipts for transactions (trust retainers, invoice payments, etc.), custom check formats, deposit slips – and any other transaction-related document you need. 

What can you do with Invoice Documents? Think custom cover pages, invoice reminders, collections documents – and any other invoice-related document you need.

Your imagination is the limit!

The mechanics of producing the document is identical to Matter and Contact Documents. Now, you’ll be able to generate transaction documents (like a receipt) from the transaction section within the matter or within the Accounting Tab. Invoice Documents can be generated from the invoice section within the matter or within the Activities Tab. Just look for the  Action button on the top menu in any of these locations. 

Here’s an example of generating a receipt or transaction document for a trust retainer. While this example shows is for a trust retainer, you may also generate receipts for Invoice Payments and other transactions. Simply select the appropriate account type (trust or operating), and the correct transaction and follow the same steps in the example.

Go ahead and try it yourself!

We have provided sample documents to showcase available fields, but you can access the full merge database for both document types – and upload your own document templates – under Setup > Document Assembly > Then click on Transaction or Invoice.

To learn more – learn how to Set Up and Use Document Assembly


Minor enhancements and fixes that make for a better every-day experience.

  • We’ve made it easier to see your data by making all major grid columns re-sizable. The vertical line next to the column can now be dragged to the left or right to get the desired column width. 

  • Now, when saving an edit in the Timesheet rows, a waiting indicator will show to provide user feedback. This is a minor change, but it provides for a better user experience for you.
  • Relations: recently added ‘relation notes’ can now be edited right on the grid. These notes are also now part of the Conflict Search Results – expanding the effectiveness of relation searches! 

Customer Feature Requests

New releases inspired by direct feedback from our customers.

  • The associated client on a matter can now be changed when editing the matter, at any time. This was originally not an allowed action in order to promote security, but this feature has been requested by many of our customers and we’ve heard your feedback! No more deleting and re-creating matters when you need to change the associated client to an existing matter.
Updated on February 13, 2019

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